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Logging the Http Response body in Application Insights

0 I can able to log the request message body in Application Insights using a method mentioned in this link but I can’t able to log in the response message body. I am interested in logging the response message … Continue reading

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Kendo Grid No Records message

I wish kendo grid has an option to say whether we want to display ‘No Records Found’ message in the grid if there are no records to display. When I goggled about it I found the following stack-overflow link which … Continue reading

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Kendo Custom Global Validator

Kendo provides the option for custom validation but when you want to do the custom validation across many pages or many sites or corporate wide we need to repeat the code multiple times. I structured the custom code in a way … Continue reading

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Kendo Extension to alert user when kendo grid has dirty data with in Kendo Window

One of the use case I recently encountered is to alert an user when he tries to close an kendo window and that kendo window has some dirty data in it’s kendo grid( user has edited the data in the kendo … Continue reading

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OutputCache Handler to display .NET Internal’s outputcache values

We don’t have an out of box feature to show the internal values of the output cache. I developed an HttpHandler which will show the values of the internal output cache. There are many values inside the internal output cache … Continue reading

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How ASP.NET MVC prevents Cross-site scripting(XSS) attack

This blog post is to explain Cross-site scripting with little more detail and how ASP.NET MVC prevents it to an extent. Cross-site scripting attack is the act of injecting their own code (typically JavaScript but there are types of codes … Continue reading

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Data Graph IPhone App Description

Background: IOS SDK was yet to give an api that will give the usage of cellular data from a given date or any date for that matter. We need to harvest data and process it to get the picture of … Continue reading

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